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Help us celebrate love and a new life as we dedicate our daughter to God 

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We request the godparents to prepare white candle.

MEETING ID : 427 720 2429


Hi Everyone, 


Hope all is well. 


In a few days we will be celebrating Analia's dedication to the Lord.

We will also be committing a special blessing for Raffy, Tina in their journey as parents, as well as a blessing for their whole family. 


With much prayer and consideration Raff and Tina,

because of what you mean to them in their lives, have chosen you to be part of Analia's life as well. 


We thought, that in her dedication,

we would give you the opportunity to bless Nalia by imagining at least one of the ways you plan to be there for her as her god-parent. 


This can be as simple as thinking through an important life lesson you would help impart to Nalia ,

or a declaration of how you would be there for her.


It can be as simple as being the one in charge of making sure she ends up loving the Beatles,

or that she gets exposed to a wide culinary world, to deeper things that deal with her caring about the environment and lending her voice

and resources to those in need. 


You can make the declaration of being there for her when the time comes when she needs help with matters of the heart,

or be the god-parent who reminds her to pursue all that God might have for her.


It can be whatever you have in your heart for her as long as you are able to communicate it in about a minute or less.


I would also suggest that you write this before hand, it can be something Raf and Tina can keep to read to Nalia later in her life. 


I'm so excited for our time together.

There is a power when a community comes together to declare their love and support for one another. See you then.


Pastor Bebs

Sunday, December 6, 2020, 10 o'clock in the morning via Zoom


1. Opening prayer


2. Exhortation on why we are dedicating Nalia


3. God parents - talk about the ways they will be there for her. 


4. Commission of parents ceremony


5. Dedication of baby Nalia


6. Blessing by the Grand parents


7. Blessing by the parents


8. Prayer for baby Nalia


9. Benediction

With all that we have, we’ve been truly blessed.

Your presence and prayers are all that we request.

But if you desire to give nonetheless, a monetary gift is one we suggest.



Rebecca Dy Zamora / 006260121430



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